the Difference when Shopping at KURASi

In Japanese language, “kurasi” (暮らし) refers to “livelihood” or “lifestyle”

In line with our motto, “To contribute to the well-being of our customers”, KURASi always stick to these 4 principles:

1) Affordable Price

Our reasonable pricing ensures our customers from all walks of life have an equal opportunity to experience the durable and high-quality products from Japan that KURASi offers.

2) Variety of Choices

At KURASi, we offer an array of choices ranging from clothing apparel to household and seasonal products to cater for customers from different age group and gender.

3) Designs Originated from Japan

Our high-quality products which are specially designed in Japan offers a combination of latest trend, creativity, functionality and uniqueness.

4) Japan Standard Quality

At KURASi, quality means a holistic experience which comprises “service, quality, convenience and functionality” at the same time. In short, we want our customers to experience the warm hospitality, convenience and excitement similar to shopping in Japan — feel the spirit and culture of Japan in KURASi Malaysia!

KURASi hopes to become a brand that is loved by people in Malaysia

Enabling them to:

  • Enjoy the best of KURASi in quality, price and design
  • Engage themselves with Japan’s latest trend and design
  • Encounter the uniqueness of Japanese culture and traditions

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